About Us

Hey Everyone!

First of all, Welcome! We are a mother-daughter/best friends duo that shares a love for creating something beautiful out of nothing. Our mission is to share our crafts with the world and inspire other people to take 2 (minutes, hours, or days) and create something new!

We have been crafting and cooking together all my life and have continued to make the time even though I have now moved out and well.. life am I right? It’s easy to get caught in the day to day, but for us when we stop to put together a new craft or a new dish for dinner, it’s a wonderful feeling. We believe the most important ingredients to a successful project is love and a sense of humor. When something goes wrong, its way better to laugh it off and figure out a solution than getting frustrated and throwing it across the room. Trust me, I’ve been there!

So please, grab a strong cup of coffee (or tea), pull up a chair, and let’s start creating!