Our Pup is 8, Let’s Eat Cake!

Happy Birthday to our sweet doggo! This last weekend we celebrated our pups eighth birthday at our house with all of our families. Our tradition with her birthdays are to make a layered meat cake with mashed sweet potato frosting and some sort of a cupcake for the humans that come to the party. We always joke that she is more human than dog because she gets so excited when we have visitors and she will dive into the gift bag to see what she received! It is the cutest thing!

Check out how I made the cake below!

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Books Read Recap of 2022

Is there a better way to unwind from a hectic day then to cozy up with a good book under a warm blanket? As I write this I am daydreaming about that point in my evening after this busy day at work. Last year I set a goal to finish at least one book a month. Now that doesn’t sound like much for someone that enjoys reading as much as I do. However, what it was really aimed towards in my case was prioritizing my self care through the year. Often times I would be exhausted from the day and just crash in bed, but where is taking that extra time to relax and do something enjoyable for me?

I am happy to report I did read at least one book a month, in fact in total for the year I read fourteen books. I even finished another three days into this year! If you are interested, check out below for a list of the books I read last year (and the one I finished right at the beginning of this year). Comment below with one you are interested in reading next or maybe your favorite book read last year!

2022 Books Read – Not pictured are books lent to family/friends
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2023 Here I Come

Happy New Years Eve! It has been a whirlwind of a 2022 for sure over in our household. We had a lot of wonderful happy tearful moments but also points of worry and sadness. I’ve attempted to put my previous years into a word. 2016 was my year of growth and a monumental year – I met my now husband, adopted my furbaby (who really rescued me), bought one of my dream cars, graduated college, and started my career where I made friends I still have to this day (including my maid of honor!).  2021 felt like another monumental year for me. 2021 I considered my year of love – I married my husband, went on a bachelorette trip with friends I love, and spent the year surrounded by love (even in loss). 2022 is a harder one to put to a word but after deliberation this week I settled on 2022 was my year of tenacity.

Tenacity struck me as the perfect word because of its synonyms; determination and persistence. This was the year I started and completed the 75 hard program, supported my loved ones through health scares, completed a yearlong resolution to rekindle my hobby of reading, and with a shift in job satisfaction – pushed through many really hard moments and began to make strides in defining what I want. Did I still grow this year? Absolutely! This growth just took some additional grit and well… tenacity.

As 2022 closes out, I am incredibly thankful for this year. I am going into 2023 with the feeling that I can accomplish what I set my mind to like much of 2022. I just can’t let my sometimes overthinking brain get in my way! Anyone else feel me on that? I hope in 2023 we all grow in the best ways, to laugh frequently and so hard we cry, to let go of self-doubt and destructive thoughts, but most of all in 2023 I hope everyone is healthy and happy.  

Happy New Years!

Wine Night – At Home Date Night

Hey Everyone! It’s been a minute since I’ve posted but I promise I am doing great over here. After the wedding in September, it was followed up immediately by Honeymoon, the holiday season, and a promotion at work! I’m starting to finally settle into my new routine and I am excited to be back! First off, how is everyone reading this? I’m hoping you have been creating some awesome things and having fun while you do it.

Something that my husband (LOVE writing that now), and I continue to do is make time for new date nights. For Valentines, one of his gifts was an at home wine tasting. I mean, come on! What a perfect at home date night! He gifted 3 wines (Sauvignon Blanc, Rose, and Pinot Noir), and custom tasting sheets for notes. I’ve included a picture of the gifted wines and trust me, the Rose was incredible! Feeling inspired by his gift, I decided to design and create a listing on Etsy for a digital download wine tasting sheet and wine reference sheet. Check it out here!

If you do purchase, remember that wines are not included but your recommendations are encouraged in the comments below or on the listing!

Bro-BQ Party

While I was at my lemon themed bridal shower, my fiancé hosted our closest male relatives at the house for a Brobeque AKA Bro-BQ to celebrate the upcoming wedding! It was easy enough to plan because there were only three items we needed: beef, booze, and cigars. We even found chocolate cigars for my nephew (See’s Candies) and a cake that looked like a burger (Smith’s Grocery Store) for some dessert. I am hoping it catches on because my fiancé had a blast!

How do you feel about a Bro-BQ? I’ve included the link to the chocolate cigars below!

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S’mores Please

As I write this I am cuddled up in a cabin with the wind going crazy outside and I have one thing on my mind, S’mores. The delicious fireside snack that is synonymous with campouts, campfires, and sticky finger memories. As the sweet treat occupies my mind (and seemingly far away in reality with the current weather), I instead wondered about the origins of the S’more. While there is some debate surrounding the actual origins, the most common story was that the recipe for a S’more was originally published in a Girl Scout Guidebook under the name “Some More” in 1927. It’s unsure of when it turned from “Some More” to “S’more” but the camping treat is sure to be a beloved treat by many.

It has also become increasingly popular to put a twist on the classes S’more! One of my favorite variations is to use a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup instead of a Hershey’s Chocolate Bar. I have had friends who have exchanged the classic graham cracker sandwiching material in place of other cookie varieties such as Oreos, Milano Cookies, or some homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies.

What’s a variation of the classic S’more that you enjoy? Make sure to follow here on the blog and on Instagram at take2create for more!

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Girls Night In – Tie Dye Sweatpants

Find yourself a best friend who is as excited as you to get coffee from Starbucks and spend the night making tie dye sweatpants! For real, how lucky am I to have her as my best friend and maid of honor?! Although the best base to apply color is white, I was concerned about how see through a pair of white sweatpants would be. Instead I opted for a pair of light grey jogger sweatpants. Meanwhile, my friend decided to do a second take of tie dye. She chose to reverse tie dye a pair of black sweatpants.

I haven’t done tie dye in forever so this was a fun craft for us to do and very on trend. Tie dye is making a comeback and I’m not mad about it. Check out our before photo and the link to the tie dye kit used for the purple and grey sweatpants!

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Valentines Countdown Love Notes

Since my fiancé and I have been together on Valentine’s Day, I have done a countdown of love notes for him every day leading up to the fourteenth starting on February first. I can’t believe that this will be my fifth year of doing this for him! Normally I would take red paper, cut out hearts, and write little things that I love about him with sharpie on each one. This year I decided to change it up by buying these adorable mini valentines cards by Hallmark off Amazon. They are about 2.5 inches by 3 inches. Perfect for a little love note for your special someone. I used these to write what I love about my fiancé, but these could be used with kids too!

Do you have any sweet Valentines traditions with your significant other?

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10 At Home Date Night Ideas

Whether it’s from COVID-19, bad weather, or you just don’t feel like going out; we could all use some good at home date night ideas. A few of these will look familiar, like the blanket fort or the fondue night, but remember to just have fun with whatever the two of you like! Below is a list of 10 at home date nights that my fiancé and I have done or have on our list for future date nights.

Let me know what stay at home date night is your favorite!

For more ideas on the list, read more details on them below.

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