Leprechaun Gnome Wood Cutout

If you have been following me for a while, you know that one of the ongoing projects is creating seasonal cutouts for my welcome sign. St. Patrick’s Day is quickly approaching and we didn’t have a cutout to celebrate with! I picked a leprechaun inspired gnome character (I made a gnome cutout for Christmas as well, so make sure you check that on out as well). Leprechaun’s are the most popular Irish fairy-goblin creature and have a rich folklore history. Although this character I created isn’t true to its Irish roots, I had fun making him and learning a little more about the history.

This St. Patrick’s Day you’ll find us sipping on a Guinness (wishing we could get some Irish Whiskey) and looking through photos of our trip to Ireland.


Disney Themed Interchangeable HOME Sign

A few weeks back I shared that I was commissioned to do two of these interchangeable home signs for one of my friends. Drumroll please…. It’s finished! It was completed a few weeks before Christmas but with the 12 Days of Cookies, I didn’t have time to get this one up. I am so excited to share how it turned out with all of you! Check out the video below and make sure to subscribe to see more fun crafts.

Let me know your favorite! I am between the gingerbread Mickey or the Jack-O-Lantern Mickey.

Top of the Morning to You

Thanks everyone for understanding the delay in this post! I couldn’t miss a chance to talk about how our St. Patrick’s Day went even if it was a little late.

Growing up my family got really into holidays. For St. Patrick’s Day, I would wake up to little green feet leading me to a pot of gold with candy. To surprise my boyfriend on St. Patrick’s Day morning and for my mom to surprise my Dad, we decided to get a little nostalgic and do something similar. We used the Hershey’s Gold candy bars and found a whiskey coffee from Death Wish Coffee to create the loot. Then we found this garland leprechaun hat at the local craft store. We cut out some little feet from green construction paper that was handy so all we had to do was set it all up in the morning before our guys got up.

St. Patricks Day Treat

For dinner I made an Irish Beef Stew, Irish Soda Bread and Colcannon Potatoes. I wish I took some photos but we didn’t even think of it at the time!

Hope you all had a great St. Patrick’s Day!

Luck Of the Irish – Pallet Sign

Even though much of St. Patrick’s Day history is rooted in religion, modern times allow for more celebration of Irish traditions. The last two years my boyfriend and I have spent the holiday on vacation and seen how San Diego and San Francisco celebrates St. Patrick’s Day. This year we aren’t going anywhere but I definitely have some surprises up my sleeve. While we don’t have any plans for an Ireland trip (Yet! It’s my dream vacation and I look up flights at least monthly), I figured let’s have some fun decorating and try creating a classic dish or two.

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