2nd Day of Cookies – Macarons

We have made what feels like thousands of different cookies over the years but surprisingly, we have not tried making the classic Macaron. What better time than two days before Christmas and on a day off work! These cute little treats are going to be used for a Christmas get together with both my boyfriend and mine families tonight. Have you make macarons before? What is your favorite flavor?

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5th Day Christmas Cookie – Glazed Apple Oat Cookies

This apple spiced cookie is reminiscent of the flavors you would find in an apple pie; so warm and cozy. It’s perfect for a cold winter night, especially when that winter night is only 5 days away from Christmas! As of today, I have officially finished all of my Christmas shopping. Now all I need to do is wrap the gifts. I enjoy wrapping gifts at this time of year though. Wrapping gifts is almost therapeutic for me around Christmas. A fun Christmas movie on and a big cup of hot coffee while I wrap makes for a relaxing night. How do you feel about wrapping?

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11th Day Cookie- Peppermint Macaroons

Is there a flavor more akin to Christmas than peppermint? I mean think about it, every year people go crazy for the Starbucks Peppermint Mocha (Including me) and stores have an array of treats from peppermint candy canes to peppermint hot cocoa. You’ll notice candy canes are sprinkled on this sweet treat but not just any candy cane… it’s topped with a crushed green, red, and white striped candy cane; my personal favorite! Even though I know it is the same flavor as the red and white striped, something about adding that extra Christmas color of green makes the candy cane taste better.  Side note, has anyone tried the kale candy cane that I heard about this year? While trying to remember what vegetable it was, I also stumbled across a rotisserie chicken flavored candy cane… so many questions.

On the 11th Day Before Christmas… Peppermint Macaroons

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Sweetest Time of the Year

Today kicks off the sweetest time of the year. Our annual 12 Days of Cookies starts today! I repeat, we are 12 days away from Christmas! This is not a drill! We are so excited to be sharing our tradition on the blog again this year. With the crazy schedules around this time of year, keeping this tradition alive has been so important to us. This year we did have a hard time narrowing down the new cookies to try. We tried to make sure there are different flavor profiles, but a lot of times the chocoholic in us won out.  This first cookie is compliments of Better Homes & Garden’s magazine. We hope you enjoy and definitely give this recipe a try!

On the 12th Day Before Christmas…. Cookies & Cream Drops

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Cinnamon Roll Cookie Makeover

My ideal morning is waking up to a hot cup of coffee and a warm cinnamon roll. To add a new spin, these are cinnamon roll cookies that taste delicious dunked in a hot cup of coffee (tried and true!). It’s okay to have cookies for breakfast if it’s these right? One of the components to this cookie that might make it taste the most like the sweet bread is the addition of yeast to the dough mixture. It’s been a busy day of Christmas activities, so we made the dough and rolled them before throwing the logs into the refrigerator and heading off to lunch and then the Nutcracker ballet. Once we got home we sliced and baked these fun treats.

4th Day Before Christmas – Cinnamon Roll Cookies

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19th Annual Twelve Days of Cookies

What do you get when you combine wanting to create a new special tradition and two kids obsessed with sugar and Christmas? 12 Days of Cookies! My mom came up with this idea 19 years ago and the tradition has continued every year since then. The 12 days of cookies is simple, we find 12 cookie recipes that we have never done before and we make them every day leading up to Christmas. We are excited to share this experience on our blog for the first time and hope you enjoy them as well. Now, let’s get busy baking!

12th Day Before Christmas – Frosted Cornflake Chocolate Chip Cookies

I’m sure you did a double take of this name. Yes, this cookie has the delicious sugary cereal in it (the kid inside of me did a happy dance when we found this one!). It caught our attention in the cookie edition of the Better Homes & Gardens magazine (Best of BH&G Christmas Cookies pg. 79). With all the years of cookie baking, we have never put a cereal in them so we were excited to see how it would bake. The cereal added a fun crunchy texture into the cookie. We enjoyed the results and loved how quickly the batter came together (no chilling necessary!).

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