Books Read Recap of 2022

Is there a better way to unwind from a hectic day then to cozy up with a good book under a warm blanket? As I write this I am daydreaming about that point in my evening after this busy day at work. Last year I set a goal to finish at least one book a month. Now that doesn’t sound like much for someone that enjoys reading as much as I do. However, what it was really aimed towards in my case was prioritizing my self care through the year. Often times I would be exhausted from the day and just crash in bed, but where is taking that extra time to relax and do something enjoyable for me?

I am happy to report I did read at least one book a month, in fact in total for the year I read fourteen books. I even finished another three days into this year! If you are interested, check out below for a list of the books I read last year (and the one I finished right at the beginning of this year). Comment below with one you are interested in reading next or maybe your favorite book read last year!

2022 Books Read – Not pictured are books lent to family/friends
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