19th Annual Twelve Days of Cookies

What do you get when you combine wanting to create a new special tradition and two kids obsessed with sugar and Christmas? 12 Days of Cookies! My mom came up with this idea 19 years ago and the tradition has continued every year since then. The 12 days of cookies is simple, we find 12 cookie recipes that we have never done before and we make them every day leading up to Christmas. We are excited to share this experience on our blog for the first time and hope you enjoy them as well. Now, let’s get busy baking!

12th Day Before Christmas – Frosted Cornflake Chocolate Chip Cookies

I’m sure you did a double take of this name. Yes, this cookie has the delicious sugary cereal in it (the kid inside of me did a happy dance when we found this one!). It caught our attention in the cookie edition of the Better Homes & Gardens magazine (Best of BH&G Christmas Cookies pg. 79). With all the years of cookie baking, we have never put a cereal in them so we were excited to see how it would bake. The cereal added a fun crunchy texture into the cookie. We enjoyed the results and loved how quickly the batter came together (no chilling necessary!).

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