Ho Ho Ho and a Bottle of Eggnog?

Eggnog is an iconic flavor of the Christmas season right alongside peppermint. The nutmeg and rum taste is comforting but it can be a tricky flavor in a cookie. Most of the time it seems to bake out. With a few slight tweaks to an Eggnog Cookie recipe found in Taste of Home Magazine’s Christmas Cookie edition (pg. 45), the eggnog flavor was prominent and delicious. The cookies practically flew off the platter we brought to a Christmas party tonight!

10 Days Before Christmas – Eggnog Cookies

First of all, eggnog + cookies = delicious! The biggest burst of eggnog flavor ended up coming from our impromptu eggnog glaze. It brought out the warm nutmeg taste baked in the cookie and it added a nice decoration to our cute trees.Eggnog Cookies Continue reading “Ho Ho Ho and a Bottle of Eggnog?”

Sugar Cookie Delight

Does anyone else get slightly nervous about decorating sugar cookies? I was worried about the cookies being perfect but after the first mistake (on the first cookie), I accepted that mine were not going to be like the ones idolized on Instagram and to enjoy the process. As soon as I put it into perspective, it was a blast! We sat with our 4 colors of royal frosting and laughed at our silly designs and sang along to Christmas songs. Who know decorating sugar cookies would lead to advice on life – enjoy the process.

11 Days Before Christmas – Sugar Cookies

This sugar cookie was new to any that we have tried before because of two main reasons, the dough contained cream cheese and we were using royal icing to decorate. We found the recipe for the dough and icing in Taste of Home Magazine’s, Christmas Cookies magazine. We ended up combining the dough of the “Best-Ever Snowman Cookies” on page 43 with the royal icing of the “Christmas Lights Cookies” on page 5. The results were delicious and a must try! Warning though, the dough requires 3 hours of chill time. We pulled the butter and cream cheese out of the refrigerator when we first woke up and made the dough right after breakfast so it was ready by noon to roll out and cook.Sugar Cookies.JPG Continue reading “Sugar Cookie Delight”