Leprechaun Gnome Wood Cutout

If you have been following me for a while, you know that one of the ongoing projects is creating seasonal cutouts for my welcome sign. St. Patrick’s Day is quickly approaching and we didn’t have a cutout to celebrate with! I picked a leprechaun inspired gnome character (I made a gnome cutout for Christmas as well, so make sure you check that on out as well). Leprechaun’s are the most popular Irish fairy-goblin creature and have a rich folklore history. Although this character I created isn’t true to its Irish roots, I had fun making him and learning a little more about the history.

This St. Patrick’s Day you’ll find us sipping on a Guinness (wishing we could get some Irish Whiskey) and looking through photos of our trip to Ireland.


Luck Of the Irish – Pallet Sign

Even though much of St. Patrick’s Day history is rooted in religion, modern times allow for more celebration of Irish traditions. The last two years my boyfriend and I have spent the holiday on vacation and seen how San Diego and San Francisco celebrates St. Patrick’s Day. This year we aren’t going anywhere but I definitely have some surprises up my sleeve. While we don’t have any plans for an Ireland trip (Yet! It’s my dream vacation and I look up flights at least monthly), I figured let’s have some fun decorating and try creating a classic dish or two.

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