Every Day To Be Together

Life has been quite busy lately. My boyfriend and I have moved in together with our sweet puppy. Our days have been filled with unpacking boxes, putting together furniture, cleaning and housewarming parties. It’s been a whirlwind adventure and yet every step of the way, the adjustment has been quite easy! I think one of the reason’s it’s been easier is because of what we have continued or added in our day to day life. Here are some of the things we have brainstormed together.

Coffee Together

I’m not really a morning person until after I have my coffee (my boyfriend can attest to that). However, since we have moved in together I have been waking up earlier to see him before work and we have “coffee time”. It’s nothing crazy, but to have those few minutes of calm to enjoy each other’s company with a cup of coffee, it starts our day on a great note.

Prepping Lunches

What we have started to do is prepare our lunches for work the night before. It helps relieve some time in the morning that can be taken up with everything from working out to getting ready to our coffee time. All it takes is a team effort of maybe 5 minutes (if the food is already made) and you’re done!

Working Out

Working out is an activity that I’ll admit he is much more consistent with than me. Our new place has a small gym. It doesn’t have weights that are heavy enough for him to get a full training session in, but the treadmills and machines are enough for a cardio session. This means that I’ve been running a lot more. I’ve always wanted to run a 10k so that has become my latest fitness goal for spring.

Continue to Date

It’s been a couple of weeks since we have moved in and one of the main things we’ve continued to do is DATE! It doesn’t have to be an expensive night out. Dating for us is just setting aside quality time to do something together. Sometimes it has been as simple as having a home cooked meal with some wine or watching our favorite TV shows cuddled up next to our fireplace.

Alone Time

What’s great about us is that we understand that time to do our own thing is okay too! It could be a workout alone or writing or filming a video. We will support each other but we don’t have to be doing something together 24/7 (which is easier said than done with our square footage haha).


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