DIY Succulent Pots – Employee Appreciation Day

Today is my first employee appreciation day as a manager and I wanted to do something special to say thank you. I really won the lottery with my whole team! They are hard workers and some of the most caring individuals I know. To avoid any broken diets and to give it a more heartfelt touch, I decided to make them a little gift. I’ve seen these succulent puns on Pinterest a few times and decided to give them a go!

What succulent pun would you put on your creation?


  • 4 inch terra cotta pot
  • Succulent
  • CraftSmart Chalky Paint: White, Black
  • Letter Stamp
  • Ink Pad: Black
  • Foam Brush


Begin by painting the base of the terra cotta pot white using a foam or regular brush. I did about 3 layers, making sure to dry entirely after each layer. Dry upside down on spare paper.

Once the base is completed and dried, paint the rim and the inside of the rim with the black chalk paint. The pots shown here have one layer of paint but results could vary.

Carefully use the stamps and ink pad to write out the plant pun on each of the pots.

Let dry entirely before either transplanting the succulent or placing the plastic pots into the terra cotta pot.


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