Monster Mash – Frankenstein Gnome

Happy Halloween Everyone! Even though it feels a little different this year, a few things for me are staying the same. I still plan on making my crescent dog mummies, dressing up with my fiancé and our sweet dog, and hunting down a copy of “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown”. Clearly, based on my movie choice I thrive in the cute, and happy parts of Halloween.

Gnomes have taken over the internet and nonstop it feels like! Although I love the cute gnomes (and have made a few myself), I did feel like changing it up for Halloween. The best part about crafting is that you can use leftover supplies and just have fun creating something! This Frankenstein was created with a rectangular foam piece, scrap fabric, and hardware supplies from the garage.

Have you made a Halloween Gnome inspired character? I would love to hear about it in the comments below!


  • Foam Block
  • Small Wood Nose (rounded with a flat bottom)
  • Scrap Fabric: Green and Black
  • Scrap Felt: Black
  • Hardware Nuts
  • Hot Glue Gun


This is where it gets fun! Everyone’s approach to making this Frankenstein can be different!

I used a rectangular piece of green fabric to cover the entire foam block. The seams are on the bottom of the sides and the bottom of the foam block, using the hot glue gun to secure the fabric.

Next using a small piece of the same green fabric, I tightly covered the wood nose and secured the fabric with hot glue then carefully secured the nose onto the fabric block with hot glue.

I used a square piece of black scrap fabric to lay onto the top of the characters head with the seams sealed with hot glue on the side, kind of like wrapping a gift with the folds meeting on the middle of the sides.

The suit I started with a larger rectangular piece of felt with the width being as tall as the suit the character wears. I then began to trim the sides to resemble a suit jacket lapels and glue onto the foam block and tack the lapels back to give the appearance they are lying flat.

Finish off the character by carefully hot gluing the nuts onto the side of the character.


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