Christmas Trivia Game

My fiancé and I have a fun tradition of playing a game or two of Christmas trivia on Christmas Eve together. This year, I was put in charge of putting together a virtual holiday activity for my team at work and of course I chose a game of trivia as one of the options! I’ve attached a PDF of the questions and answers for you and your family to play and enjoy this holiday season.  

Do you have a tradition on Christmas Eve? If you do I would love to hear about it! Comment below with your Christmas Eve traditions or how well you did on the trivia game!

For the first round, holiday tunes, it will need some interaction by a quizmaster. Assign one person to play the first 10 seconds of the song listed on the answer sheet. If the quizmaster wants to participate in the other 3 rounds, skip round 1 until the end so no answers are seen while the other rounds are played!

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