Review – Personalized Paint by Number

Let’s rewind to the Christmas season 2020. I had found the perfect gift for my mom, a custom paint by number of their adorable and goofy puppy. It was intricate and took her a few months to finish but the finished product was impressive! I wanted to do something similar for our dog after seeing how wonderful the finished product turned out.

Now we can fast forward to about 3 months ago when I found out the same site had a personalized pop art paint by number. Hello, PERFECT! I ordered it and below are my likes and dislikes.

I used Winnie’s Picks for my paint by number, here is the link to their site.


  • Winnie’s Picks did a great job taking my photo and turning it into a pop art of my pup. LOVE.
  • The white paint covered surprisingly well. Better than the other light colors.
  • Plenty of paint to finish and do touch ups.


  • The lighter colors were difficult to hide the numbers, not a huge surprise here. If you do get this, I recommend doing a quick stroke of white on the letter, let it dry, then do the yellows, oranges, and reds on top of it.
  • Shipping time: the personalized kits ship overseas so it can take a few weeks to receive after the order is placed.

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