2023 Here I Come

Happy New Years Eve! It has been a whirlwind of a 2022 for sure over in our household. We had a lot of wonderful happy tearful moments but also points of worry and sadness. I’ve attempted to put my previous years into a word. 2016 was my year of growth and a monumental year – I met my now husband, adopted my furbaby (who really rescued me), bought one of my dream cars, graduated college, and started my career where I made friends I still have to this day (including my maid of honor!).  2021 felt like another monumental year for me. 2021 I considered my year of love – I married my husband, went on a bachelorette trip with friends I love, and spent the year surrounded by love (even in loss). 2022 is a harder one to put to a word but after deliberation this week I settled on 2022 was my year of tenacity.

Tenacity struck me as the perfect word because of its synonyms; determination and persistence. This was the year I started and completed the 75 hard program, supported my loved ones through health scares, completed a yearlong resolution to rekindle my hobby of reading, and with a shift in job satisfaction – pushed through many really hard moments and began to make strides in defining what I want. Did I still grow this year? Absolutely! This growth just took some additional grit and well… tenacity.

As 2022 closes out, I am incredibly thankful for this year. I am going into 2023 with the feeling that I can accomplish what I set my mind to like much of 2022. I just can’t let my sometimes overthinking brain get in my way! Anyone else feel me on that? I hope in 2023 we all grow in the best ways, to laugh frequently and so hard we cry, to let go of self-doubt and destructive thoughts, but most of all in 2023 I hope everyone is healthy and happy.  

Happy New Years!


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