Colorful Bunny Easter Decoration

It is springtime and almost Easter where you would expect rain and maybe a little sunshine. Where we live though, it has decided winter has not yet been long enough and we again got another snowstorm all day today! We are craving sunshine, spring fever is very real haha. Thankfully we have a new machine to play with that keeps us indoors and busy.

This project is a quick Easter decoration that we used our new machine to test settings out. I am loving how it turned out with its bright, Peep treat colors! I went with the bright pink, my mom went with the bright blue and both of us are considering making a few more to add the other’s and yellow to the mix! To top it off we even used a Pearl finish to get that cute fluffy tail to stand out even with the brightly colored bunny background.

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Quick Burlap Bunny Craft

It has been so busy lately that some craft time was very much needed for both of us. We wanted to fit one more craft in before Easter and we did, but this post unfortunately didn’t make it before Easter. This burlap bunny is rustic, fun, and super quick to make (Even the pom pom tail)! Not only did we do this craft within an hour, we had all of the supplies we needed at the house. We finished the craft early enough to make some Italian Easter Bread and relax before the Easter Bunny made his visits on Saturday night.BurlapBunny Continue reading “Quick Burlap Bunny Craft”