Quick Burlap Bunny Craft

It has been so busy lately that some craft time was very much needed for both of us. We wanted to fit one more craft in before Easter and we did, but this post unfortunately didn’t make it before Easter. This burlap bunny is rustic, fun, and super quick to make (Even the pom pom tail)! Not only did we do this craft within an hour, we had all of the supplies we needed at the house. We finished the craft early enough to make some Italian Easter Bread and relax before the Easter Bunny made his visits on Saturday night.BurlapBunny


  • Burlap
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Polyester Filling
  • White Yarn
  • Ribbon
  • Glue Gun


Draw or print an outline of a bunny onto printer paper in the desired size. Cut the bunny silhouette out and pin the paper to a doubled up piece of burlap.

For your convenience, I have the PDF of the bunny outline I referenced here – Bunny Outline.

Cut carefully around the outline using a sharp pair of scissors.

Using the hot glue gun, work in sections of 2-3 inches, placing a line of glue on the inside edge of the back silhouette as close as possible. Place the front silhouette over the glue.

A lesson we learned after the first one: Make sure to fill with the polyester filling while you work around the outline. This is especially helpful with the ears.

The bunny wouldn’t be complete without a fluffy tail! Begin by cutting a scrap piece of yarn, about 6-7 inches long. Begin wrapping the yarn around 3 loosely separated fingers (I tested out multiple sizes so this may need to be redone until the desired size is created) for many times. Keep in mind that this will be creating a pom-pom so it should have a lot of yarn.

Once the yarn is wrapped enough times, carefully remove from fingers and tie a tight knot in the middle of all the loops. Carefully cut the middle of the loops on both sides and fluff.

Place a generous amount of glue on a parted section of the pom pom and place on the bunny.

We added a little necklace to our bunny that doubled as a wall hook but this could also work sitting on a table or floor depending on how large it was made.


We have some exciting things coming shortly! Make sure to check in often for some new content!


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