Hi Boo – Halloween Sign

I cannot believe that tomorrow is Halloween! Although much of this year felt like it dragged, now looking back it feels like it flew by. The best way I’ve kept my sanity with the craziness of the year is through things I love to do. Spending time with my fiancé and dog, cooking, and crafting. There is a comfort in turning simple ingredients into a delicious meal or taking pieces that apart look boring but together look beautiful.

This sign was a comfort to me during a rough week at work. I was overwhelmed, overworked, and tired. I turned to Michaels Craft Store during a lunch hour to get away from the nonstop requests flowing in and found relief in walking the aisles, looking for a project. I happily gathered the supplies and returned home with a pep in my step because I had a craft to look forward to at the end of the day.

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5 Minute DIY Little Green Monster

There’s a little green monster on your back! No it isn’t jealousy, it’s this cute little creation. Sorry for the scare, I just couldn’t help myself with Halloween less than a week away. Is anyone else getting extra excited? This project took less than five minutes and it only took three items (four if you count the dot of hot glue)! Read on to see how to make this five minute Halloween craft!

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Vampire Pumpkin Painting

This past week, one of my great friends came over to the apartment and we did a girls night. I don’t remember the last time I painted instead of carved a pumpkin and it was a blast! We talked and laughed as we made up some gluten free pumpkin chocolate chip muffins (shout out to Trader Joe’s for the mix!), popped open a bottle of champagne for mimosas, and painted. She is an amazing artist, so while she did a portrait of Edward Scissorhands on her pumpkin, I decided to make a fun cartoon vampire mouth.

Comment below with what you will paint on your pumpkin this year for Halloween!

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You Don’t Know “Jack”-O-Lantern Pumpkin Planters

*Spoiler Alert* We don’t usually make this many Halloween crafts but we are loving them this year! These festive Jack-O-Lantern concrete planters are easy to make and super fun! The idea came out of The Home Depot’s Garden Club page. While I’ve seen other variations on Pinterest, this was the one that seemed most appealing to try. You can fill them with anything from succulents to candles. Be prepared to get your (gloved) hands dirty and dive in.Concrete Pumpkin Planters Continue reading “You Don’t Know “Jack”-O-Lantern Pumpkin Planters”

Candy, Dracula, and Ghosts OH MY

With “Monster Mash”, “Thriller”, and all the classic Halloween party songs playing in the background, we settled into our way of unwinding from a busy week – crafting. Mason jars are such a fun Halloween craft that people of all ages and skill level can do (Plus, we filled ours with candy which makes it even more appealing. #halloweencandyobsessed)! Whether you want to make a candy corn or a whimsical character, painting mason jars allow your imagination to run wild. With endless ideas in mind we narrowed it down to the ones below.

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Love you 2 “BOO”

October kicks off one of our favorite things in the family: the holiday season. First up in the string of upcoming holidays is Halloween. While we both pass on the scary side of Halloween, we still enjoy the more lighthearted or whimsical parts. When candy is involved, how could it not be a good day?! While wandering through the craft store aisles, looking for the first Halloween craft of 2018 we found three items next to each other that were perfect. A wood sign with jagged edges, pre-cut letters (timesaver!), and a glitter tree. Here’s our two takes on the three shared items.IMG_0368 Continue reading “Love you 2 “BOO””