Thankful Hearts and Full Bellies


Who else ate so much on Thanksgiving that you didn’t want to move the rest of the day? Me! *both hands raised enthusiastically* That extra inch struggle to even grab the remote may or may not have been the deciding factor in the show we watched on TV that night… You’ll notice that our Thanksgiving post is coming a little later than most. We wanted to put our whole focus into enjoying the long weekend so thank you all for your patience. Continue reading “Thankful Hearts and Full Bellies”


Thanksgiving Minion Wood Cutouts

PSA: You do not need to be a super villain to make this craft

How wonderful would it be if Minions came to our Thanksgiving celebrations? I imagine some banana cream pie, banana ice cream, and really anything with banana would make them happy guests. They could cause trouble, but with those cute faces, I wouldn’t be mad for long. Since we can’t actually invite Minions, we decided to instead make life size wood cutouts of our favorite happy little characters. We saw these adorable pilgrim and turkey Minion pictures online (original source unknown) and started in on making them. We hope you have as much fun as we did creating them!Minion_Turkey_Pilgrim Continue reading “Thanksgiving Minion Wood Cutouts”