Whatever you do, do it with love

Whether it’s making a delicious dish in the kitchen or a crafting project, creating has always been a wonderful connection that my mom and I have shared. There is something about the bond when creating together. This blog is meant to have both our unique viewpoints and what we come up with when we work as a team.

One of the first projects I remember crafting was a jack-o-lantern out of paper. A project I think we all made when we were young. Taking a piece of orange paper, folding it “Hot Dog” style, cutting lines in it, and gluing the ends together to become a lantern. It was imperfect, the scissor lines weren’t straight and the glue surely oozed out of the sides, but when I showed it to my mom; I beamed with pride. It is a uniquely wonderful feeling when you create something. Excitement? Relief? Love? All of the above.

Together we have tried just about every type of craft and cooked or baked thousands of recipes. Some were successes and others were definitely considered “Pinterest Fails”. Through all of them though, our approach has always been the same. If you create it with love, it will all work out.

So pull up a chair, a strong cup of coffee (or your drink of choice), and a whole lot of love. We’re going to have some fun!

Whatever you do, do it with love!



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