FALL-ing in 2’s

Lately, we’ve had a slight obsession (okay, a huge obsession) with the pallet sign trend. So when we found two pallet’s on sale for half off at the local craft store, we were sold on the base for the next project. With our “Fall Fever” in full swing, the next decision to have FALL on the sign was easy. With the pallets in the cart, we selected the wood letters to add dimension, three fall acrylic paint colors and we were ready. Here are 2 takes on the same 3 items:

*Pine Pallet*                    *Wood Letters*                             *Paint*

Britt’s Supplies (Left):

  • Pine Pallet (11in x 12in)
  • Wood Letters (F,A,L,L)
  • Apple Barrel Paint: Harvest Orange & King’s Gold
  • Delta: Barn Red & Spice Brown
  • Birch slices (3)
  • Sage colored raffia
  • 1 inch foam brush
  • Copper glitter
  • Cup of water

Mom’s Supplies (Right):

  • Pine Pallet (11in x 12in)
  • Wood Letters (F,A,L,L)
  • Apple Barrel Paint: Harvest Orange & King’s Gold
  • Delta: Barn Red
  • Natural colored raffia
  • Birch slices (3)
  • 1 inch foam brush
  • Stippling paint brush
  • Masking Tape
  • Cup of water


The pine pallet is a beautiful natural color, but both of us wanted a slightly different color without going fully opaque and covering the wood grain. To achieve both of our pallet colors shown, we used a wash. Keeping a cup of water close by your paint, first dip your 1in foam brush into the water to get it well saturated. Alternate dipping the brush into the paint and the water then brushing onto the pallet. It’s recommended to test technique and color on the back of the pallet in a small, unnoticeable area. Britt’s used a Delta Spice Brown wash and Mom’s used Delta Barn Red wash.

Wood Letters:

This is when the vision started to divert between the two more significantly. Britt’s image was to ombre the three shared colors (Barn Red, Kings Gold, Harvest Orange) while Mom wanted a speckled appearance.

Britt – Ombre is a technique that always makes me a little nervous. Starting with the lightest color, King’s Gold, paint a third of one letter and an additional inch or two (depending on how large of a transition area is wanted). Then using the second lightest color, Harvest Orange, paint another third and transition area. Then, still using the Harvest Orange, stipple the color heavier towards the Harvest Orange and lighten on the amount of stippling further into the “transition area”. Repeat the same steps with the Barn Red. I used a foam brush to do the stippling, but I noticed it was more difficult to control the stipple intensity than with a normal paintbrush. To finish a letter, using the Barn Red as glue, paint the outside of the letter and apply the Copper Glitter. Tap off remaining glitter. Repeat for the additional three letters.

   Mom – Starting with the King’s Gold, paint the front and sides of all four letters. Generously apply the Barn Red paint to the stippling brush and with a swift motion, brush against your index finger towards the letters to add speckles to the letters. Since the speckling will likely go everywhere, I recommend speckling outside.

Birch Slices:

The birch slices are small, round, and the perfect item to make pumpkins! Using the Harvest Orange, carefully paint the inside of three birch slices (for each pallet project). Both are the same with the pumpkins but vary with the raffia “stems”. After creating the stems mentioned below, use hot glue to attach to the side of the slice or near the edge on the top.

Britt – Using the sage colored raffia, carefully tie a bow using two strings. Create three bows out of raffia for the three pumpkins.

Mom – Using the natural colored raffia, cut six small pieces in the desired length of stem. Use another string of raffia to tie the six pieces together and trim the remaining.

Additional Steps:

Mom’s project used a fall stencil to add additional dimension to the pallet base. Using the masking tape, tape the desired stencil down to the board where desired. Then using the foam brush, dab into the shape alternating between the Kings Gold and Harvest Orange. Carefully remove the tape and stencil from the pallet and repeat until all desired shapes are on the base.

Finish it off:

Test placement of the letters and pumpkins on the pallet before gluing. To help with location, we like to take a temporary picture on our phones and use that as a guide when gluing the items down. Using Wood Glue (We prefer Elmer’s brand), apply a generous amount to the back of the pumpkins and letters and adhere to the pallet. To make sure everything would stay in place, we used heavy books on top of the glued items overnight.

Now, step back and enjoy your new fall sign!


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