Football Family Wreath

Happy Super Bowl LIII Everyone! Super Bowl Sunday is right up there with the traditional national holidays for our family. We are ALWAYS together eating way too much food and yelling at the TV (I’m sure they can hear us if we are loud enough). Last year my team became the Super Bowl Champions, FLY EAGLES FLY! This year none of our family’s teams made it to the big game. Instead, we are hoping for a great game with some amazing plays. We all have different teams in the NFL but luckily we agree on two College teams. The G & O are colored for The University of Utah and Notre Dame. The T,E,A, and M are for Philadelphia Eagles, Minnesota Vikings, Green Bay Packers, and Denver


  • 2 10 yard wired brown ribbon packages
  • 2 yards thin white ribbon
  • 10 inch wire wreath form (3 levels of wire)
  • 2 inch letters – G,O,T,E,A,M
  • Paint – desired colors for teams
  • Paint brush
  • Wire
  • Wire cutters
  • Hot glue gun


Begin by tying the end of the brown ribbon tightly around the start of the wire wreath using a 5 inch piece of wire and cutting off excess. Then begin to push the ribbon through the first gap created by the  wire frame until desired size loop. Then push the ribbon through the middle gap in the frame until desired size loop. Continue to go up and down the wire frame pushing the ribbon through. To make it look more full, make sure to push the ribbon loops together. This will help the ribbon loops keep their size and it will begin to hide the wire wreath.

On one section of the wire wreath, create the “lacing” of the football with the white ribbon. Continue the same motion as before but place the white ribbon on top of the brown ribbon while creating loops. I knotted the white ribbon on the frame instead of using the wire.

Continue with the wired brown ribbon all the way around the wreath form until desired look is achieved. I used one full 10 yard package and about 2 yards of the second package of ribbon. Whenever you want the loops to be secured, use a small piece of wire to secure it against the wire form.

Which teams would you take inspiration for on the letters?

With the white letters sitting on a scrap piece of paper, use the back of the paint brush to create the polka dot effect. Let the letters dry entirely.

Use the hot glue gun to attach letters as desired to the ribbon.  Use ribbon or wire to create a hanger on the top back of the wreath.

Enjoy the Game!




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