Hop Hop Hooray, It’s Easter Wreaths

Is there anything more satisfying than taking items that apart are nothing but together can make something so beautiful? (I feel like the main girl in the Hallmark movie Christmas in Love writing out that line and I love it!) For me, creating will make any day better and I feel completely in my element. Nine times out of ten, the project I start with, is not the one I end up with either. There are adjustments, recalculations along the way but in the end what I’ve made is new and exciting. With Easter a few weeks away, we decided to start the month off with an Easter Wreath craft.


  • 2 grapevine wreaths
  • Decorative painted eggs
  • Fake flowers
  • Bunny welcome sign
  • Floral wire
  • Hot glue gun
  • 3 inch letters
  • Craftsmart: Gold metallic paint


Begin by laying out the flowers and decorations on the wreath form until the desired look is achieved. It can take a couple of rearrangements too, to make it look the way that you want. I have a photo below of the supplies each of us started with but you’ll notice that our finished wreaths do not include some of them and that’s okay!

For the flowers, the stems could cause an issue or could bring the wreath together more. I needed to trim mine almost all the way to the flowers while my mom’s wreath used the stems to create more movement.

For the letters, I started with black plastic letters and lightly painted gold over them to make them look a little more antique.

The type of wreath you have might also dictate what material you will use to attach the decorations. For my wreath (brown branch base), I used hot glue. For my mom’s wreath (white branch base), she was able to use floral wire.


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