Pina Colada Love Sign

“If you like Pina Colada’s, and getting caught in the rain” I sang this on repeat in my head as I made this sign for the apartment. Even that first line makes me sing as I read along, anyone else? For me, that song screams summer and let’s be honest, Pina Colada’s are summer in a cup. I felt inspired by the Pina Colada I had on vacation last weekend poolside. With the sign being for the apartment, I also wanted to make it a little shout out to love. A walked into the local craft store looking to combine love and pineapples (ironically the same combination for the delicious beverage) and stumbled upon the walnut pallet sign. The hanger was meant to have the sign be horizontal but I knew by turning it vertical I could make a cute pineapple and include my quote. I gathered the other supplies needed and when I got home, quickly began to sketch out the pineapple outline. Wait… where is my Pina Colada while I do this project? Oh well, HELLO SUMMER!

Pina Colada Sign


  • Pallet Sign
  • CraftSmart Paint: Tropical Sun, Camouflage, White
  • Thin Paintbrush
  • Pencil


Begin by getting the outline of the pineapple onto the wood sign. Don’t be intimidated by drawing the pineapple. You don’t have to sketch it out like I did. Instead use a stencil or a Cricut machine if you want.Pina Colada Mid

Then begin to carefully pain the stem camouflage, the pineapple base tropical sun, and the letters white.

Altogether, the project took me about 4 hours to do from start to finish. Not too bad to create a fun summer sign for our place!


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