Adjustable Entryway Sign

Home sweet home! Is there anything better than walking through those doors and being HOME at the end of a workday? Home has so many seasons of décor. In summer it can have everything from Independence Day to pineapples and popsicles. In winter its snowflakes and Christmas. What better way to accommodate all of those seasons and holidays than to create an interchangeable sign. Plus, I have been looking forward to a reason to use a scroll saw and this is a perfect opportunity for the unique shaped O in home or welcome!

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Patriotic Monogram Sign

I’ve brought it up a few times before but I am a huge history buff. One of my favorite time periods to read about is surrounding the revolutionary war. Too perfect with July 4th tomorrow! While I am writing this, I am thinking about how I should reread the book that got me interested in the revolutionary time period. 1776 by David McCullough. (If you haven’t read it but are interested to learn about the events surrounding the revolution, it is highly recommended!)

I am pretty in love with the monogram letter door hangers that I have seen on Pinterest lately, and July 4th seemed like the perfect holiday to make my own.  Plus, the longest time spent on this sign was waiting for the paint to dry. Actual work time was maybe 20 minutes!

Patriotic Monogram Sign – E & O
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Countdown Sign

I am one of those people that is very enthusiastic about counting down to upcoming events. Everything from Christmas to vacations to a festival that I want to go to. So hyped up sometimes that the thought of it makes it hard for me to sleep! Most of the supplies for the sign came out of heartache from a different project. I am happy to report back that there are no bad feelings about how this DIY sign turned out though. Let the countdown to Ireland begin (I wish it was at 00)!

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Pina Colada Love Sign

“If you like Pina Colada’s, and getting caught in the rain” I sang this on repeat in my head as I made this sign for the apartment. Even that first line makes me sing as I read along, anyone else? For me, that song screams summer and let’s be honest, Pina Colada’s are summer in a cup. I felt inspired by the Pina Colada I had on vacation last weekend poolside. With the sign being for the apartment, I also wanted to make it a little shout out to love. A walked into the local craft store looking to combine love and pineapples (ironically the same combination for the delicious beverage) and stumbled upon the walnut pallet sign. The hanger was meant to have the sign be horizontal but I knew by turning it vertical I could make a cute pineapple and include my quote. I gathered the other supplies needed and when I got home, quickly began to sketch out the pineapple outline. Wait… where is my Pina Colada while I do this project? Oh well, HELLO SUMMER!

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