Patriotic Monogram Sign

I’ve brought it up a few times before but I am a huge history buff. One of my favorite time periods to read about is surrounding the revolutionary war. Too perfect with July 4th tomorrow! While I am writing this, I am thinking about how I should reread the book that got me interested in the revolutionary time period. 1776 by David McCullough. (If you haven’t read it but are interested to learn about the events surrounding the revolution, it is highly recommended!)

I am pretty in love with the monogram letter door hangers that I have seen on Pinterest lately, and July 4th seemed like the perfect holiday to make my own.  Plus, the longest time spent on this sign was waiting for the paint to dry. Actual work time was maybe 20 minutes!

Patriotic Monogram Sign – E & O


  • 18 Inch Wooden Letter
  • Royal Blue Paint
  • White star stickers in ½ in, ¾ in, and 1 in (we used a Cricut machine to make ours)
  • Red and white ribbon
  • Paint Brush


Begin by painting the letter in royal blue. Wait for it to dry entirely and apply a second coat.

Once the letter has dried, begin to apply the star stickers. For the letter E, the stars were applied sporadically. For the letter O, the stars were applied in groupings of 2 or 3.

Use the red and white ribbon to create a bow. Attach using a piece of wire.

Would you like to see a tutorial on how we made the bow? If so, comment below!


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