Christmas Stocking Holder in July

My love of Christmas absolutely embraces the phrase “Christmas in July”. With a new apartment a whole new opportunity for Christmas crafts opened up and I could not wait to make the first decoration any longer. I made a custom stocking for my boyfriend this last Christmas, so it was fitting that the first decoration would be a stocking hanger. I am already excited to hang this up in our cute little home this holiday season. Even though it’s a little weird to be wearing shorts while working on a Christmas craft, I loved every minute and I’m sure that this won’t be my last one this July.


  • 36 in x 5 ½ in x 1 in pine board
  • 3 wooden knobs
  • CraftSmart Gel Stain: White
  • CraftSmart Satin Finish: Black
  • Delta Paint: Cardinal Red
  • 12 x 12 Cricut Sheet: Dark Brown
  • Foam Brush
  • 2 sawtooth hangers
  • Screws
  • Cricut Machine


Using the foam brush, follow the direction on the gel stain to apply layers to the pine board until desired look is achieved. I did three coats on the front and two on the sides and back. Paint two of the wooden knobs black and one cardinal red.

While allowing the painted pieces to dry, begin to create the template on Cricut design space. For the letters, the font was Forte. Use clipart of a reindeer face to add 3 reindeer to the template sheet. Mine were 3 ½ inches wide to 5 inches tall.

Once everything is prepared, carefully apply the letters and reindeer to the board. Add the 2 sawtooth hangers on the back of the board. Carefully secure the knobs to the front of the board with the screws.


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