Repurposed Terra Cotta Pot – Scarecrow

We had so much fun making the pumpkin candy containers that we thought we would give another go at a terra cotta pot transformation. I’ve seen a few happy scarecrows but have never attempted to draw one myself (P.S. if looking for cartoon scarecrow faces online, make sure to type in “happy cartoon scarecrow face” or you might have nightmares that night haha). This was my take on a scarecrow candy container out of a terra cotta pot. All together the project probably took 30 minutes (less dry time) and made for a perfect weeknight project! What character would you put onto one of these candy containers? If you want to see me try it out, comment below with the character!


  • Terra Cotta Pot
  • Delta Paint: Phthalo Blue, Bamboo
  • CraftSmart Chalk Paint: Burnt Orange
  • Fine Tip Black Marker
  • Chalk Pen
  • Pencil


Begin by carefully painting the main part of the pot Bamboo and the rim Phthalo Blue. I added two coats to make sure none of the orange tinge of the pot showed through.

Once the paint is dried entirely, sketch the face with a pencil. Use the fine tip black marker, chalk pen, and orange paint to complete the face.

Fill with candy or some fun fall foliage to finish!


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