DIY Luggage Gift Box

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY SWEET BOYFRIEND! It was his birthday over this last weekend, and I wanted to spoil him as much as he spoils me every day. With gift giving holidays, one of my favorite items to give isn’t an item at all. I love giving the gift of time together. Over the years we have seen comedians, musicals, and gone on trips. This year the gift was a trip and I wanted to wrap it in a cute way! Plus if I gave him an envelope, I’m pretty sure he could make a guess what it was. This little luggage gift box was the perfect solution! Do you wrap gifts in creative ways? Comment below with your gift wrap ideas!


  • Wood craft box
  • Light brown paint
  • 36” cognac colored leather strip
  • Map paper
  • Stickers
  • Hot glue gun
  • Paint Brush


Begin by painting the inside and outside of the box light brown. After it has dried entirely, measure the inside of the lid and base. Cut the map paper accordingly (2 pieces) and glue into the inside of the lid and base.

Carefully hot glue the leather strip as desired on the craft box. I had a small amount remaining, so I added a little handle.

Put the stickers onto the inside of the lid announcing the gift.

Place the tickets into the base of the box before closing and wrapping up for the big reveal.


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