DIY Gnome

Halloween has just ended and that means Christmas is knocking. With my LOVE of Christmas, I am more than happy to answer! We have seen these cute gnomes for a while now and finally decided to give them a go ourselves tonight. I am SO happy that we did. After we finished, they were so cute that we wanted to name them. We are taking suggestions so comment below with your ideas! Make sure it’s Christmasy though! Continue reading to find out how our gnomes came to life.


  • Styrofoam cone
  • Cream Yarn (One that can easily separate into smaller strands is ideal)
  • Plaid flannel fabric
  • Wooden sphere with a flat bottom on one side
  • 2 Small Stars
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Scrap piece of yarn
  • Miscellaneous paint


Begin by cutting the cream yarn into the strips needed for the beard of the gnome. What you will do is fold a piece in half and glue a little above halfway on the cone. For our Styrofoam height, our yard was cut into 12 inch pieces.

Paint the wooden sphere to create a nose and the stars (if desired)

Use the hot glue gun to work your way around the cone gluing the folded yard, then go around an additional time under the first row.

Carefully separate the threads of each yarn piece hanging.

To make the hat, cut about 7-8 inches off the flannel. Since our flannel was the normal width of a bolt, we cut at the fold and in half again to actually create 4 pieces that could be used as hats.

Place the right side up and apply a line of hot glue along one long edge of the flannel. Fold over and seal into a tube. Turn the tube inside out so that the seam is hidden.

Create a cuff on the flannel hat and pull onto the top of the cone. Make sure to at least get to where the beard starts but you can put his flannel hat lower.

Fold the other end of the flannel hat into the tube and use the scrap piece of yarn to tie it closed. Hot glue the small stars near the yard on this end of the hat.   Hot glue the wooden piece/nose into the beard.            


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