DIY Collar Bandana

My dog is active and it’s always a struggle to keep a bandana on her for a full party. Normally after about 20 minutes she decides to roll around until it comes untied or until I take it off her. #dogmomlife While planning the engagement party though, we wanted to make sure our pup had something fun to wear. I’ve seen the bandana that slips over the collar and it seemed like perfect timing to try it out. Surprisingly, it only took one trial of a scrap piece of fabric (thank you online tutorials)! After I made the bandana, I used a sport flex iron-on circuit design to get the phrase “My Mom & Dad Are Engaged!” applied to finish it off! She was definitely the cutest dressed guest at the party!

My dog is about 13 pounds and usually wears a small. For her, that meant a 10 inch square. I recommend making a trial from scrap fabric in the size that you think your dog is, just to be sure! Plus it always helps to walk through a new tutorial, my trial run had a few lessons learned.  


  • Fabric (size will vary, see my note above))
  • Cutting Board
  • Rotary Cutter
  • Sewing Machine


Begin by cutting your fabric into the desired square size. For me that was a 10 in. x 10 in. square. Iron to ensure no wrinkles.

Fold one corner to the other (wrong sides together) and iron. You’ll want this fold to show as it will be a guide later in the steps.

Trim any excess fabric to ensure you have a perfect square.

Open it back up to the square and with the wrong side facing up, fold the corners with the fold in with the point on the fold (diagram below shows one side). To ensure both sides are the same, I recommend measuring the fold length. My fold length on both sides was 4 inches. This will be the collar slip, so it needs to be a little more than double the width of the pet’s collar. Iron both corner folds.

Sew down the corner folds. Below the dotted lines show where that is.

Next, fold in half, right sides together. This means that the sewn corners you just did should be showing the unfinished edge. Iron.

Sew the bottom triangle, making sure to avoid the straight sides (where the collar slip will be).

Turn the bandana inside out. This should hide all of the rough sewn edges and look close to the finished product. Iron.

Sew a straight line from the two straight edges to finish where the collar will slide into. Trim any excess threads and test it out on your pets collar!


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