DIY Ring Toss – Engagement Party

When we got engaged it was in the midst of quarantine so we didn’t get to celebrate with our family and close friends. Once restrictions started to mellow, we were able to plan a small engagement party (complete with a pizza bus food truck, yes you read that correctly). We held it outside and had hand sanitizer spread throughout so everyone felt more comfortable. Most of all we wanted to make sure we had activities or fun games for our guests to do! This is only one of three activities that was created for the engagement party, and I loved it!

This ring toss definitely reminded me of the carnival games where it feels near impossible to actually get a ring on the bottle but it was so much fun for everyone to give it a go! Read more for the link to the supplies.

To create this ring toss, I cut one of the 16×30 wooden pallets in half and turned it horizontally. Using Cricut, I decided on the font and used a free clipart outline of a ring. After I finished the sign, I spray painted the neon ring toss rings with some leftover gold spray paint I had at the house already.

For all of the signs, my dad helped me put together some quick and easy easels. Comment below if you want to see how to make those!

Supply Links:


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