10 At Home Date Night Ideas

Whether it’s from COVID-19, bad weather, or you just don’t feel like going out; we could all use some good at home date night ideas. A few of these will look familiar, like the blanket fort or the fondue night, but remember to just have fun with whatever the two of you like! Below is a list of 10 at home date nights that my fiancé and I have done or have on our list for future date nights.

Let me know what stay at home date night is your favorite!

For more ideas on the list, read more details on them below.

  1. Virtual trip – order in some food from a different country and watch virtual tours of the cities and points of interest!
  2. Blanket Fort – Is there a right way to do this? Have fun with it and see how big you can make it!
  3. Board Game Night – Scrabble and Twister have both been popular at our house
  4. Bake a Dessert – Cupcakes are always a good choice.
  5. Fondue Night – Try a savory and sweet
  6. Couples Quizzes – One of my favorites of all time is the 5 love languages
  7. Movie Night Outside – We inflated an air mattress on our deck and brought a smaller TV outside with us!
  8. Video Games – Dusting off an old GameCube system with Mario Kart or Super Smash Bros. is our favorite
  9. Indoor Picnic – A blanket on the living room floor and a basket complete with sandwiches, wine, and cheeses is perfect. Plus, no ants!
  10. Create a Home Decoration – A cute menu, home sign, or a his and her painting are all good starting points for inspiration.

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