Bridal Party Thank You Gift

I can’t believe that it happened, I married the man of my dreams! After almost a year and a half of planning, I got married on September 24th at the perfect outdoor venue, with the perfect weather, and most important… to my perfect man! It’s crazy how that day feels like a dream. It’s the kind of dream I want to remember and cherish every beautiful detail. One of the things that made the day go by so smooth was our whole wedding party was amazing. From bringing a shirt steamer to make sure the groom’s button up wasn’t wrinkled, to coordinating where ALL of the decorations went, to the heartfelt toasts they gave. They truly came in clutch.

Prior to the wedding, I wanted to ensure I thanked my maid of honor and bridesmaids for everything they had done for me before and during the wedding day. I started gathering items for a few months and put them together in these cute bags a few day before the wedding. Below is a list of what I put in my thank you bags to my bridal party, with a link to a few unique items I bought them (hello mimosa cubes!).

Bridal Party Thank You Gift Contents (With links):

Minute Mimosa Sugar Cubes

Mini Prosecco

PJ Shorts – Babe (Spoiler: there is an adorable Bride one I bought for myself too)

Wine Tumbler – Personalized with their names

Clear Bags with Black Polka Dots


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