Wedding Welcome Sign

After months of promising some exciting projects for the wedding, I FINALLY get to share! Figuring out the signs for a wedding can be a little daunting since it is a huge piece of what the guests would be guided by, accent the other decorations, and have to hold up as their own decoration as well. Luckily I knew from the start what kind of sign I wanted, a beautiful acrylic sign with painted brush strokes and elegant mixed with fun writing. If you aren’t sure what you want your signs to look like, Pinterest is filled with unique and fun ideas! I loaded up on acrylic sheets (some of which I ordered larger and cut down to the size I want but I’ll get into that later) and now the hardest part, deciding on the paint and font color that would be used everywhere. No pressure right? Thankfully, while wandering through a Michaels craft store the paint popped out at me. I am telling you right now that outdoor venue, deep fall colors, and copper acrylic signs = complete perfection.


  • Acrylic Sign
  • Martha Stewart Crafts Multi-Surface Metallic Acrylic Craft Paint – Copper
  • 2 inch Paint Brush
  • Cricut Permanent Vinyl – Parchment
  • Cricut Transfer Tape
  • Cricut


Begin by placing globs of paint in the center of the acrylic sheet and working quickly, use large brush strokes to spread the paint. You want to keep the brush stroke look on the edges so make sure not to go all the way to the edge. Also, be aware of if you want your brush strokes to go a certain direction. I had mine going at about a 45 degree angle. Let dry completely.

In Cricut Design space I used a combination of the following texts: DTC Cottage Style & Lyrical Letters. I am now getting an error with the DTC Cottage Style. With how many fonts there are have fun looking through and testing out different ones!

Make sure to scale your font to the correct size for your sign and cut. Weed out the negative space, place the transfer tape on top of the exposed letters, and press down firmly. Once you have all the letters on the transfer tape, carefully line up on the SMOOTH side of the acrylic sign (not on the side you have painted) and press firmly. Remove tape and enjoy the finished product!


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