LOVE – Large Scrabble Decoration

In scrabble, PASSION is worth 9 points, FOREVER is worth 13 points, and LOVE is worth only 7 points. In life, love is worth all of the points though! Thanks for letting me be cheesy there for a minute, I couldn’t help myself! Scrabble is such a fun game to play and the tiles have inspired countless creators to make signs, represent family trees, and even make a giant version of the game for outdoors. Spoiler: I googled it, the oversized game exists and is now added as a project I want for the summer.

It feels like it has been around forever but it was created by an out of work architect during the Great Depression – Alfred Mosher Butts. It started out with different names but they settled on the name Scrabble. It means to grasp, collect or hold onto something which is fitting for the game. Before I keep collecting words (the puns keep coming) on this post, check out more of the history on scrabble here. Even better, check out how I made this scrabble decoration below!


  • 4 Square Pieces of Wood (Mine were about 3 7/8 in – Found at Michaels in their woodworking section for my prototype)
  • Cricut Machine
  • Black Vinyl
  • Small Hinges


Begin by creating the letters/numbers in Cricut Design Space. You can select your desired font but I went with a very basic Cricut Sans which I felt matched the classic scrabble tile well. If you don’t have a Cricut machine, check out the sticker section in your local craft store!

After cutting your design in black vinyl, carefully place on each piece of wood.

To complete, add hinges on the back of each wood.


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