Quick and Easy Fabric Pumpkin

You’ve seen it, you’ve probably made it, and you love it. It is the pumpkin that uses toilet paper to make the base shape! I have not made this craft before and can I just say, I love how quick and easy this project is. I will be putting this technique in the back of my mind to use for another holiday (hopefully). It takes 4 supplies. Yes, you read that correct… only 4!


  • 1 roll of toilet paper
  • 1 fat quarter of fabric – orange
  • Dried branch
  • 1 fake leaf


Place the fabric right side down on the table. Put the toilet paper roll in the middle of the fabric and begin to tuck the ends into the top hole of the roll. I started with the corners and worked my way around that way.

Once you have the desired look, place the branch and leaf into the top of the roll.

Have you made this before? If so, comment below on how you made the stem.


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