Gifting Christmas Gnomes

Tis the season for holiday parties and celebrating with those that you love! What comes with needing to enjoy every moment of the company you’re with is also a need for that perfect gift to thank the hosts. A few posts back I made a little gnome and decided that a handmade gnome would be perfect for the upcoming parties. These little guys are slightly different in design and finish than the previous ones. They have already delighted at an early holiday party that we attended and as gifts for the attendees of our thanksgiving dinner. Would you want to order a few of these for your house or as gifts? Comment below and let me know!


  • 9 inch foam cone
  • Plaid flannel
  • 3 inch felt
  • Wooden Ball
  • Soft yarn for beard
  • 2 wooden stars
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Delta Paint Color: Santa’s Flesh


Paint the wooden ball.

Cut a strip of the flannel to be 6 inches wide. Cut that piece into an equal four (in half then in half again).

Roll one piece of the flannel around the Styrofoam cone and seal with hot glue. Glue the felt circle onto the bottom of the cone (wide end). Trim any excess.

Cut 11 inch pieces of the yarn that you have picked. I would recommend starting with 20-25.

Fold one piece of the yarn in half and glue a little higher than halfway up the cone. This will serve as the front center of your gnome so make sure the flannel end isn’t showing.

Continue to fold the yarn and glue around the cone. I went a little less than halfway around. Then to create an even fuller look. Lie the cone on its side, push the first row up and begin to glue a second layer of the yarn pieces under the first row.

Turn the cone upright and slightly trim the bottom of the beard.

To create the hat, start with another piece of flannel. Glue right sides together lengthwise. Then turn inside out to create a cylinder.

Roll one side of it twice and pull it over the top of the cone to slightly cover the beard.

Hot glue the nose under the hat.

On the other end of the hat, fold the end inward and using a scrap piece of yarn, tie it closed.

Instead of cutting the end of the yard off, trim it to be shorter (if needed) and glue the stars to the ends.


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