Thanksgiving Leaf Place Card

Thanksgiving is the formal meal that my mom and I LOVE preparing the table for every year. We never do the same place setting and it’s a new, fun challenge every year.  This year we wanted to base a lot of the setting on natural items such as leaves and pumpkins but add a metallic flair to them. These place cards turned out exactly how we wanted and we adore them with the black plates for this year’s meal. How are you doing your place settings for Thanksgiving this year?


  • Fabric Leaves
  • Gold Metallic Spray Paint
  • Scrap Fabric
  • Black Paper
  • Gold Letter Stickers
  • Hot Glue Gun


Begin by laying the scrap fabric on a large area outside with no chance of overspray on items of value (i.e. car, house).

Gently spray paint the back of the fabric leaves. Let dry for as long as the paint instructions say. Ours said 15 minutes.

Turn and spray the front of the fabric leaves.

Let dry entirely. We let them set overnight to make sure of this.

Cut strips of black paper long enough so that all are uniform and fit the names. Mine were 3 inches long and a little over a half an inch wide.

Place the gold letters on the black strips of paper for all of the guests.

Attach to the base of the leaf using a small dot of hot glue.


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