Spring Brunch Table Setting

I’ve been a little sporadic with my posts this May and it is definitely because life has been way busier than expected this month! Wedding planning and crafting for the big day has given me a lot of great material during this month in my spare time. The only issue is that I want to keep it all a surprise until the wedding day, so be prepared for an overload of posts come the end of this year!

In the meantime while we anxiously await some wedding material posts, I’m excited to share this fun May brunch table setting with you! This came together while wandering through Hobby Lobby (if you haven’t noticed already, I love to wander through craft stores and let them motivate me on what to do/create next). The inspiration is beachy colors and vibes. The calm blue colors of the table runner, wicker chargers, imperfect glass vase, and some wooden flowers/fake florals to finish it off led to the perfect setting for the upcoming brunch.

Find some of my tips for table arrangements below!



Sometimes less is more!

It’s easy to get in the camp of overcrowding a table for a gathering. I start with a focal point element of the table, in this case the vase. Then all other aspects should coexist, and compliment the focal point and each other.

Themed or No Theme

It isn’t a requirement to have a theme for a table arrangement. I usually like to think of an inspiration but not a steadfast theme that I need to stick to. Sometimes the best creations come out of an inspiration taking a totally different turn!


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