Fluffy Pumpkin Bars with Spiced Frosting

Fall has such a distinct mood to me; it’s warm, cozy and all about pumpkin! This pumpkin bar recipe has been in our family since my grandpa created it years ago. Everyone in my family has different memories associated with these bars. My dad remembers waking up to the sweet spiced smell when he was young; my mom recalls how these were always at the annual Halloween party. Food brings family together, and the best food memories are the ones shared with family and friends. Warning: having one might make you want to finish the whole pan (this can be solved by sharing and finishing the whole pan together)!

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FALL-ing in 2’s

Lately, we’ve had a slight obsession (okay, a huge obsession) with the pallet sign trend. So when we found two pallet’s on sale for half off at the local craft store, we were sold on the base for the next project. With our “Fall Fever” in full swing, the next decision to have FALL on the sign was easy. With the pallets in the cart, we selected the wood letters to add dimension, three fall acrylic paint colors and we were ready. Here are 2 takes on the same 3 items:

*Pine Pallet*                    *Wood Letters*                             *Paint*

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