Valentine’s Day Brunch

Even though it is the last day of February, I had to make sure I shared our brunch this month because it turned out AMAZING! You’ll notice the item we focused on the most from Valentine’s Day is the iconic heart shape. We used it for the finger sandwiches, the strawberry pastries, and even attempted to give the sausages a heart shape! This felt like the most successful one since our Halloween themed brunch back in 2019; that one still taking the first place spot because of the decorations.

I have included a lot of great stuff for you below! There are links to the recipes for Strawberry Nutella Cream Cheese French Toast and the Strawberry Breakfast Pastries. Also included are the instructions for folding the heart shaped napkin, and how we made Raspberry Cupid’s, our boozy beverage!

Full Menu:

Raspberry Cupid’s


  • Raspberry Sorbet
  • Rose Champagne
  • Fresh Raspberries


Using an ice cream scoop, scoop raspberry sorbet into each of your glasses.

Pour over the Rose Champagne to the desired amount.

Garnish with fresh raspberries and serve!

Heart Shaped Napkin:


With the print side down, fold corner to corner creating a triangle. You should now have the print facing out with the back hidden from the fold.

Fold the corners that share the fold up towards the top corner.

Fold the corners you brought up back towards their original ends under. This should hide the raw end of the napkin, with this you are creating the top of the heart. Leave the back piece of napkin alone, we will hide it in the next step.

Flip the heart over and fold the back piece down past the top of the heart to hide it.

Flip the heart back over right side up and place on the plate!


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