Halloween Themed Brunch

I think I’ve raved about brunch before but I can’t help but bring it up again. Another excuse to have breakfast food but a little later in the day? Yes please! Every month my boyfriend’s family rotates houses on brunch. Now that we have our own place, our cute apartment got added to the rotation and we got the month of October. What a perfect opportunity to make a Halloween themed brunch! I’ll post the recipes in the coming days so make sure to keep coming back to see the menu unveiled. Today’s focus is the decorations because every good Halloween party needs the right decorations.

Warning though: I am not a person who loves the frightening side of Halloween… AT ALL. My ideal level of scary is watching “It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown” and only listening to the scary movie theme songs with all the lights on. I know, I have the taste of a 5 year old in Halloween scares and I am almost 26! Thankfully, for my sake, our brunch was a mellow take on Halloween decorations.

Table Setting:

  • Black Vinyl Tablecloth
  • Orange Napkins
  • Black Paper Spider Webs (courtesy of Spoons & Spice)
  • Fake Spider Webs
  • Chalkboard Wine Glass Charms
  • Black Glitter LED tea lights
  • Light Up Ceramic Pumpkin
  • Miscellaneous black and white glitter craft pumpkins


Begin by covering the table in the black tablecloth. Then lay out the plates next so you know the seating arrangement needed.

For each place setting, place a black paper spider web onto an orange napkin. This will be the setting for your wine glasses. After you place the wine glass onto the setting, make a cone with the orange napkin and place inside the glass. This will keep the same appearance but now your guests have a napkin readily available!

On the chalkboard wine glass charms, write Halloween themed words or phrases. Ours ranged for “Trick or Treat” to “Spooky”, and even “Get Out!”. We wrote on them using a green metallic fine point sharpie pen but a chalkboard pen would also work. Attach the charms to the glasses to give everyone a more unique charm than just their names. There’s no confusing your glass when you know you are the one that got “BOO”.

Finish the table up by adorning it with fake spider webs, LED tea lights and a main centerpiece. We using a ceramic pumpkin that I painted a few nights ago. To set the mood when everyone comes in, turn off all the regular lights, turn on all of the light up elements, flip on a spooky playlist, and add some bowls with dry ice and water scattered through the room. It wasn’t a fog machine like my boyfriend wanted (Sorry sweetie!), but it still looked fun and festive.

You’ll notice I didn’t mention where I put the utensils. Since we like to do our brunches buffet style, I placed a glass full of forks, one of knives, and one of napkins on the counter with the food. To tie it into the table, each of the three glasses was placed on the same setting as the wine glasses on the table.

Hope you all have a “Ghoul” time making up your own take of this Halloween table setting for your next party! Comment below with Halloween tables themes you have done or are planning on this year!


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