Taco Salad – Tortilla Bowls

A go to meal for my busy week uses taco meat. I’m able to use it for a couple of days as tacos, burritos, or taco salads. My personal favorite is the taco salad! I still like a tortilla with my salad, so how perfect is it when the bowl is edible! It’s really quick and easy, and warning… super delicious! Read more below to find out how to make these tortilla bowls.

Fresh out of the oven!
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Brunch Time – Family Time

Since my boyfriend and I moved in together, we have made a tradition with his family where we rotate brunch once a month at the three houses. This month was our turn and I went a little crazy with food (Hello it involves breakfast food so you knew I would haha). So much so that a majority of my Saturday was spent preparing for Sunday’s brunch. Check out what we made below and comment which treat you would like the recipe for!

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Pie and Beer Day Celebration

If you grew up in Utah or visited around July 24th and asked around about why firework stands were still up late after the 4th of July; you probably already know what day I am talking about… Pioneer Day. A celebration of when the pioneers travelled west and settled in Utah. A more recent addition to the day is a play on the word “Pioneer” to “Pie and Beer”. I’m not sure who started it but do we really need to ask too many prying questions if it involves eating pie? With an apple pie cooking in the oven (I’m drooling here because it smells delicious), cold beer waiting, and a firework show later tonight; I’m wishing you all a Happy Pie and Beer Day!

Fresh out of the oven!
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Waffle Love

“We have to remember what’s important in life: friends, waffles, and work. Or waffles, friends, work. But work has to come third.” – Leslie Knope from the show Parks and Recreation. This is really about the truest quote that I have seen recently. Work is important, yes but friends and well… food are the true zest of life. My friends and family are my backbone and support me in every decision (good or bad) that I have made. The perfect combination is a brunch or a breakfast with those people I care so much about. Today, I made my boyfriend some waffles and thought of this quote. I hope you all enjoy work but remember what should come first: Friends and Waffles!

Read more for the waffle recipe I used today.

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July 4th Treats

Happy July 4th Everyone! I hope you spent the day eating way too much BBQ and treats (like I did!). Then spending the night watching fireworks to celebrate! As always, my parents made a huge BBQ and it was delicious. I volunteered to make some desserts for the party and brought patriotic cake pops, Rice Krispy treats, and Oreos with candy coating stripes. This was my first attempt ever at making cake pops and I was pleasantly surprised with how well I did. Wishing you all a safe and happy July 4th celebration!

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Baked Grapefruit

I’ve been having a major craving for grapefruit this week. When I was a kid and grapefruit was on the menu, I would load it with a mountain of sugar to cut into the bitterness. I try to avoid that much sugar now that I’m older so the best way to bring out the natural sweetness is to bake it. With a few spices to add even more flavor, this baked grapefruit dish is sure to cut into that craving with the perfect mix of sweet and tart. Also, with the high vitamin C content in grapefruit it’s good for complexion. Yes please to good skin by the pool this summer!

Baked Grapefruit with Cinnamon, Honey or Brown Sugar
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Quick and Easy Yogurt Parfait

Not sure if you have noticed this yet but… I LOVE breakfast food. If I have it any meal of the day, I am in pure bliss. Everything from waffles to omelets and everything in between are fair game for me! Needless to say, I am not someone who can (or wants to) skip breakfast. While doing the weeks grocery shopping and needing to prepare my breakfasts, I found a few ingredients perfect for a breakfast parfait and I was ready. All you need is yogurt, fruit, and granola!

Raspberry Yogurt Parfait
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